Apple launches 4 new ads to show how people use their Apple Watch

So there is a lot of scepticism surrounding the Apple Watch (in fact it's one of the very few Apple products that I haven't purchased), despite all of this though I can see that there is a future for the device.

It's hard to remember that the original iPhone wasn't 3G and didn't even have an App Store, in contrast the Apple Watch launched with third party support and they've already announced that the second version of the WatchOS will support on device Apps.

I think I'll be a buyer of the 2nd or 3rd generation Apple Watch Sport but they'll need to sharpen the price point a little. As for the beautiful stainless steel Apple Watch - I still can't justify spending the same as I can on a Tag Heur that will last for decades and that I can pass down to my son.

The new ads are below: