Apple unveils iOS 7 and it's just awesome!

Apple unveils iOS 7 and it's just awesome!


Apple held it's WWDC Keynote this morning and unveiled their vision for the future iOS and it's pretty fantastic!

That wasn't the only thing announced, Apple also reveiled refreshed Macbook Airs, a stunning new Mac Pro and OS X Mavericks.

iOS 7 iOS 7 has been redesigned from the ground up, from the Calendar app to Siri there is no element left that I can find of the old UI. It feels fresh and exciting. iOS 7 also brings us proper multitasking, filters to the camera app, a unified address bar in Safari and a new feature called Control Centre which you evoke by swiping up from the bottom that gives you immediate access to things like bluetooth, wifi and even a torch!

OS X Mavericks The new version of OS X will include Finder Tabs as well as bringing Maps and iBooks to your Mac. They have also finally included full support for multiple monitors while in full screen.

If all this wasn't enough Apple also launched the rumoured iTunes Radio service.