iPad Pro to join new iPhones and Apple TV on Sept 9

iPad Pro to join new iPhones and Apple TV on Sept 9

(Image : Ramotion)

We're almost there, and now it's almost certain that Apple will unveil the highly rumoured iPad Pro alongside it's new iPhone and Apple TV.

9to5Mac reports:

"As with the iPad Air and Mini lines, the Pro will be available with built-in LTE capabilities. We’re told that the pricing of the highest-end iPad Pro versions with LTE chips will compare closely to Apple’s latest MacBooks. As the iPad Pro will support a new Apple-designed Bluetooth keyboard, customers may have a tough choice in the $1,000+ price range when looking for either a large-sized iPad or small-sized MacBook.
Speaking of the larger screen, we have been told that the 12.9-inch display is a “monster.” To give it truly “Pro” capabilities, the iPad Pro’s landscape split-screen mode will be bolstered to allow two full-sized portrait iPad apps to be displayed. This is unlike the split-screen mode on the iPad Air 2 and upcoming iPad mini 4 that condenses portrait iPad apps to fit side-by-side in landscape mode. The iPad Pro will include an A9X chip, which we’ve heard will be a “large” leap over the Air 2’s A8X. It will also have four stereo speakers, but a single Lightning port on the bottom."

September 9 is looking like the biggest event Apple has held in ages, I'm off to buy some popcorn!