Stocard - The Loyalty Card App

Stocard - The Loyalty Card App

I've traditionally avoided store cards like the plague. You see, I hate nothing more than a wallet with a heap of cards in it. I like mine slim with just the essentials, Driver's License, Credit Card and a couple of business cards...

But, there are heaps of stores I use that my wife would like me to flash a store card, just so she can get $3.99 off her next $500 outfit purchase from Myer or my personal favourite Country Road's "Spend and Save days" - Really how are we saving money if she's spending it??

Anyway, as they say "Happy Wife, Happy Life" so I've been looking for a way to keep these cards electronically, keeping my wallet's weight happy while while fulfilling my wife's bargain shopping addiction!

Stocard has fit the bill perfectly! 

Setting up your cards is a snap. You simply hit the "+" sign and choose your store (Surprisingly for a US outfit they have a lot of Australian stores).

Once you've chosen the store you simply scan the barcode and it's done. If your store is not in the list or the barcode isn't recognised you can manually enter them without much fuss.

Once you've entered all your cards, using them is a pleasure. Firing up the app and choosing a card automatically sets your screen to full brightness and displays the barcode front a centre. 

They've even included a Notification Widget making accessing your cards quickly a snap!

My advice is to head to the Apple App Store and download it right now - it's free!