The OtterBox Armor Series waterproof case for iPhone 5 has been my go to case for Summer

The OtterBox Armor Series waterproof case for iPhone 5 has been my go to case for Summer
Otterbox Armor iPhone Case Photo Example

Otterbox Armor iPhone 5  

I've been looking for the perfect case to protect my iPhone 5s this Summer and my last case the Siedio OBEX waterproof case just didn't fill my with enough confidence for me to use for any extend period of time.

That has all changed now that I have received my review unit of the OtterBox Armor Series waterproof case from our good friends at MobileZap.

First off, I should tell you that my biggest priorities in a waterproof case are ease of getting on and off (because I only use the case when I'm around water) and confidence that it will hold up around the pool.

In the package you get the case itself and a lanyard so you can keep your iPhone safely attached to your wrist.

The Otterbox blew me away with the ease in getting it on and off and you have a real feeling of confidence that your iPhone is safe as you click down the 2 massive latches on the side of the case.

Otterbox iPhone 5 Armor Case

The case is very tough and feels so, over the Summer I had the children knock it off tables a couple of times and spill water all over it without it missing a beat.

In fact Otterbox say the case will protect your phone up to 6 feet underwater for 30 mins, from a 10 foot drop and from 2 tonnes of pressure.

I spent the majority of my holidays around mine and friend's pools as well a few trips to the beach and the case served me well, very well. There is no access to touch ID but this was the only negative I could find.

Photos taken through the case were extremely clear and vibrant as you can see below.

Otterbox Armor iPhone Case Photo Example

Otterbox Armour Photo test 2


I guess the most important thing to consider if you're looking at a waterproof case is how confident you feel that the case will actually keep your precious iPhone safe and I've got to tell you after a month with the OtterBox Armor Series waterproof case, I never felt a minute of doubt that it would meet the job.

This case will be my go to case anytime I'm heading somewhere that my cause my iPhone harm.

The case retails just shy of $100. Head over to and you can check out this and all their other iPhone 5 cases.