The Top 10 Apps for your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad

Top 10 List
Top 10 List

With new converts coming over to the iOS platform all the time, I thought I'd list my top 10 "Must Have" Apps that I use in Australia!

1. Wunderlist (ALL). I simply couldn't survive without this beautifully crafted task management app from 6Wunderkinder. The interface is beautiful and uncluttered, it syncs effortlessly in the cloud and is available for just about every platform!

2. Twitter (ALL). This one goes without saying, I use twitter to keep up with all the latest in the tech and media world, it brings all the stories to me and let's me share what's on my mind.

3. Facebook (ALL). Enough said - with over 800 Million users worldwide, Facebook is like it's own country and with their recent addition of a dedicated iPad app it is a pleasure to use.

4. AV Player (ALL). Media is great on Apple devices but the one glaring omission is that they only support a handful of video codecs and not AVI, DIVX or WMV - Enter AV Player and AV Player HD. This app will play anything you can throw at it including MKV files, subtitles and AC3 audio. This is how media should be on your iOS device.

5. Early Edition 2 (iPad). This is a must if you subscribe to a lot of RSS feeds. It delivers them in a layout that looks like a real newspaper. This is the news you want delivered to your iPad every day.

6. Keynote (ALL). Now, I know not everyone will need this but for me, being able to present proposals on my iPad with beautiful transitions is just a pleasure. Now that Apple has included iCloud integration, any change you make on one device is immediately reflected on all your other devices. Once the desktop version integrates iCloud this will be a killer app !

7. Nova (iPhone). OK, so the disclaimer - I work for Nova. This app makes life easy for me. You can listen to all the Nova stations around the country, stream the latest podcasts, check out different show schedules and with Airplay stream to all your Airplay enabled speakers.

8. Whereis (iPhone). I found this one quite by accident, Whereis is a free app from Sensis that gives your Turn by Turn navigation. We were paying $500 for these units just a few years ago and now you can get it free on your iPhone!

9. BC Reader (iPhone). For anyone that collects a lot of business cards this app is a gem. Simply open the app, take a photo of the card and it will scan all the information into your contacts.

10. OZTV (All). I love all you the new digital channels we recently got in Australia but with all the choice comes the problem of finding what's on. OZTV fixes that by giving you an up to the minute guide of what's on in every city.

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