All the highlights from Apple's WWDC 2014 keynote

All the highlights from Apple's WWDC 2014 keynote
Apple_-_OS X_Yosemite_-_Overview

Well the keynote for Apple's 2014 WWDC is over with Tim Cook kicking off the presentation and Craig Federighi taking over the heavy lifting quite successfully. This years event was all about OSX and iOS 8. First up we have the new version of OS X which will be called Yosemite and available some time in Spring here in Australia. It's key new features are:

  • Beautiful new design (to bring it closer inline with iOS)
  • Notification Centre will now include Day View, weather and widgets (inc 3rd party)
  • Spotlight has been improved and now includes results from the internet inline
  • The introduction of iCloud Drive (Finally!), which now let's you access all your iCloud documents from any app
  • Mail has been improved and now includes new features such as Mail Drop for large attachments up to 5 Gb, so you no longer get large attachments bouncing back
  • Safari has been improved with better favourites, improved tabs grouped by site and better privacy windows
  • Airdrop finally works between iOS and Mac
  • A new feature called Handoff lets our devices be aware of each other so you can move your work flow form device to device seamlessly,
  • The Mac can now send text messages to non iOS users and can also make and receive phone calls

iOS 8 didn't miss out either with a bunch of new features including:

  • Interactive Notifications (Finally) and widgets coming to Notification Centre
  • Double tapping the home button now shows most recent people as well as multitasking
  • Much better email controls including, the ability to minimise a new email your composing to check other emails
  • Spotlight now searches the App Store, iTunes and the Internet
  • Continuity. As with the Mac you can now pickup where you left off and now includes automatic hotspots!
  • Messages has got a lot better with group messaging, sharing your location and a new feature called Tap to talk (Share audio or video messages easily)
  • iCloud Drive arrives on iOS letting your access documents from any app on your phone from any other app (finally!)
  • Family Sharing is a new feature that lets' your family share photos, calendars, reminders, locations and now your iTunes purchases. It will also send parents a notification to give the children permission if they wish to buy an app
  • Photos has been greatly improved by now storing your library in the cloud meaning every photo you take will be available on all your devices (safe for ever). There is also much improved search and new smart editing controls
  • Siri - will work by saying "Hey Siri" so you no longer need to hold down the home button!
  • Touch ID - Coming to 3rd Party apps

Some pretty amazing features and many of them more than welcome, I'll post the video as soon as Apple make's it available!