ANZ welcomes Apple Pay to Australia!

ANZ welcomes Apple Pay to Australia!

ANZ is the first of the four major banks to welcome Apple Pay to Australia and luckily for me - they are also who I bank with!

I took Apple Pay for test run a few times today and it works like a charm!

ANZ chief executive Shayne Elliott quipped at a briefing for ANZ staff in Sydney that he was pushed to do the deal because he was “sick of being hounded on Twitter and email by customers saying ‘When are we going to get Apple Pay?’ “

”That was sort of a joke, but actually it is real,” he said.

”It is true we are here today because our customers wanted it and kept reminding us they wanted it. As a customer-focused bank and one that believes in innovation and the power of digital, this seemed a natural thing for us to be doing.”
ANZ Welcomes Apple Pay to Australia with CEO ANZ Shayne Elliott, Group Executive Australia - Fred Ohlsson, Managing Director, Products & Marketing - Matt Boss, and General Manager, Deposits & Payments - Katherine Bray.