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Apple is sending updated brochures to Cupertino residents about it's new campus

Steve BarrettCampus

Brochure to residents for Apple Campus in Cupertino  

Last week Apple made some amendments to it's plans for its new Campus in Cupertino adding walk and bike trails.

It is now sending out a brochure to local residents keeping them updated on what do expect:

"At Apple, the environment is a top priority, and we’ve designed Apple Campus 2 with cutting-edge features to make it energy-efficient and environmentally sustainable. Several of these green technologies are highlighted in this update.

As at our existing campus on Infinite Loop, we are committed to 100% renewable energy to power Apple Campus 2. This will include onsite generation from photovoltaics and fuel cells. As part of this effort, approximately 8 megawatts of photovoltaics will be installed, creating one the largest installations of its kind on a corporate campus anywhere in the world.

Apple started in Cupertino, and we are excited to continue to grow here. As we build the new campus, we also plan to invest in new roadways and intersection improvements, add new sidewalks and better bike lanes, and plant new trees in newly created medians in the surrounding neighborhood."