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Apple's new EarPods are just awesome

Steve BarrettApple

Apple's EarPods With all the iPhone and iPod announcements last week you might have missed that Apple has totally redesignd their headphones and has called them EarPods.

I picked up  pair on Saturday and all I can say is that they're awesome!

I've been using a pair of Apple's "In-Ear" Headphones which retail for $99 and have been quite happy so I wasn't really expecting the new EarPods that retail for just $35 to blow them away, but they did.

The EarPods have such range in them, highs are crystal clear and bright and the bass is unlike anything I thought possible in a pair of headphones for $35.

EarPods will now ship with Apple's iPhone and iPods but if you just can't wait jump on the Apple Store and grab yourself a pair.