Bruce Willis is NOT suing Apple, you've all been had!

Bruce Willis The were rumours over the internet that Bruce Willis was suing Apple so he could pass his iTunes library down to his children, the problem is it's fake!

That's right, here is yet another example of how the main stream media (Sunrise, I'm looking at you) picked up a story that was trending and ran it without checking their sources.

Bruce's wife Emma Herning has tweeted the following in response to a fan:

   @EmmaHeming just tell Bruce to give his daughter his login and password to PC and iTunes, he will live forever )

@RichieD_ it's not a true story

The story went that Bruce Willis was taking on Apple to give him the right to pass on his iTunes library to his children once he passed on.

He's a couple of problems though:

- This isn't an Apple or even a digtal music problem - you have always only purchased the right to listen to your music for personal use. This has been the same for CD's, Cassettes you name it.

- This isn't Apple, it's the terms set about by the music companies who still don't get that people are happy to pay for content if it's readily available without restrictions for a fair price.

- All of Apple's music is DRM free, Bruce could just copy his library to an external disk and leave that for his children right now, just as he could with his CD collection (Which mostly do have DRM). Both wouldn't be strictly legal but why let common sense get in the way.

OK, Rant over have a nice day !




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