What you need to know from Apple's September 2016 event

What you need to know from Apple's September 2016 event

Apple held it's Special Event today in San Francisco unveiling the new iPhone and Series 2 of the Apple Watch. Here's what you need to know (and for those of you who don't like to read, here's the highlights in a 107sec video!).




  • Super Mario Run - Nintendo announced that Super Mario Run is coming to App Store for a set price.



  • Real-time collaboration - You can now work on iWork documents in real time with your colleagues.


Apple Watch

Apple Watch - Series 2

  • Series 2 - Launching Sep 16.
  • New Ceramic Case - 4 times harder than Stainless Steel!
  • Swim Proof - Finally the watch will be swim proof to 50 meters.
  • 50% Faster.
  • Display - 2 times brighter.
  • Built in GPS.
  • New Nike+ Apple Watch.
  • Watch OS3 Coming.
  • Pokemon Go coming to Apple Watch (Why ??).


iPhone 7

  • New finishes Black and Jet Black.
  • Force Sensitive Home Button.
  • Water & dust resistant.
  • New Camera - iPhone 7 Plus will include 2x optical zoom and depth of field.
  • 25% Brighter.
  • New Speakers - Stereo and 2 times as loud.
  • EarPods - now will connect through lighting port but they will include a connector for old headphones with all phones.
  • AirPods - New wireless earphones. They will automatically switch to the device your are using.
  • 120 times faster than the original iPhone.
  • iOS10 on it's way!
  • Will now be available in 256 Gb.

There you go, iPhone 7 will be available in Australia September 16.