Finally the perfect keyboard for your iPad!

I love my iPad but when it comes to doing any serious typing (such as this blog) using the on screen keyboard can become a little laborious.

I'm currently in Kalbarri, WA for the week and didn't really want to bring up my laptop, I was hoping that I might be able to use my iPad solely this trip for everything I'd need to do but I wasn't brave enough this time around and still packed my laptop as insurance as I still have a couple of Keynote presentations and some forecasting to do using Numbers which to be frank, at this moment is still just too hard to accomplish on just the iPad with the limited screen real estate you get while using the on screen keyboard.

Their may be hope on the horizon though with Logitech's "Ultra Thin Keyboard Cover for the iPad".

This thing just looks cool, it is called a "keyboard cover" because it attaches to the new iPad or iPad 2 via a magnetic clip just like Apple's own Smart Covers.

With the cover closed, the screen is totally protected and kept off the keyboard's keys by little rubber stoppers.

Once open and the keyboard is ready to go with instant on and an apparent 6 month battery life.

It is expected to be released in Australia mid to late June and cost $120.


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