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Have a more intimate conversation with Siri

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Now most of us have a love/hate relationship with Siri in Australia. We want to love her, but there a days where she just refuses to talk our language! Help is at hand though as I might have tip to help you and Siri get on a little better during normal use throughout your day.

Most people know to talk to Siri you hold down your iPhone's home button for a couple of seconds and then speak. The problem with this is that your mouth isn't always as close to the microphone (Siri's ear) as it could be.

A better way to talk to Siri, is simply to hold your iPhone to your ear and Siri will give you that familiar 2 beeps and away you go.

To make sure "Raise to Speak" is enabled, go to Settings>General>Siri and make sure it is set to on.

Now you can have full conversations with Siri with everyone in the office being none the wiser !