How to take awesome photos with your iPhone

How to take awesome photos with your iPhone

How to shoot on iPhone

The iPhone is the world's most popular camera and with just a few tips you can use it to take some amazing photos!

Luckily for us Apple has launched a dedicated series of YouTube videos to teach us all sorts of tips and tricks to make the most of your iPhone photography. Better yet, we've rounded them all up below for you.



How To Capture An Intimate Moment

See how to quickly capture a special moment - without interrupting it. 


How To Shoot A Group Portrait

Capture the ultimate group photo with a little help from Portrait mode. 


How To Shoot A Backlit Subject

When a bright light is behind your subject, use HDR to bring out highlights and shadows. 


How To Shoot A Sunset Silhouette

See how you can use the sun to give your subject a silhouette. 


How To Shoot A Bold And Simple Image

Contrasting colors and symmetry give your image a striking look. 


How To Shoot A Horizon

Use the grid and HDR to make your horizon shots truly epic. 


How To Shoot With Street Light

Use ambient street light to make an incredible nighttime image. 


How To Shoot With Zoom On

Get closer with 2x optical zoom. Or use digital zoom to get up to 10x closer.


How To Convert to Black & White

The right filter and a bit of experimenting with light levels give you a dramatic black-and-white image. 


How To Shoot A One-Handed Selfie

The quick-draw selfie in three easy steps. 

How To Edit A Selfie

Use cropping and auto-enhance to create an even better selfie for sharing. 


How To Shoot Stills While Filming

Don't miss a great still - even when you're capturing video.



How To Shoot A Selfie With A Timer

Use the timer to take incredible hands-free selfies. 


How To Capture A Unique Angle

A little experimentation is the key to those one-of-a-kind shots. 


How To Shoot During Golden Hour

Give your subject that distinctive glow by using the light of the setting sun.



How To Shoot A Great Portrait

Use Portrait mode to take an amazing photo of a friend. 


How To Shoot A Close-up

Life looks different from 10 cm away. See how to capture it beautifully every time.



How To Shoot A Verticle Pano

Boldly go from base to summit with a vertical Pano.


How To Shoot Without a Flash

Make the most of light sources around you to brighten up your photo. 


How To Shoot Action

Use Burst mode to capture that perfect split second.

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