Hungry Hippos here for iPad

Hungry Hippos on iPad There has been plenty of April Fool's jokes hit the web in the last 24 hours and it looks like Think Geek may be taking the crown again. They were responsible for the i-Cade last April Fools which ended up becoming a real product. The web site says:

"Electronic Hungry Hungry Hippos iPad Game is everything you remember about HHH. All four hippos are present and hungry, except this time, the hippos fit over your iPad and the game board is an app! This adds oh-so-many gameplay features, such as:

  • 10 different game boards, each with its own marble style.
  • 14 power-ups to make the game play even crazier.
  • Three scoring modes: standard, Vegas, and Regulation Tournament.
  • And hippo-loads more!"

Check out the video below

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