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iTunes 11 is a welcome refresh [Review]

Steve BarrettiTunes

iTunes 11 movie view I have to admit that I haven't been the biggest fan of iTunes in recent years, Apple's bloatware had become horribly slow and with with the introduction of "features" like Ping and Cover Flow it seemed Apple had lost its way.

Well, I can tell you iTunes 11 has changed all this and for the first time in ages, I'm enjoying my media again.

iTunes 11 is a fantastic update that removes a lot of stuff you don't need and presents you with an easy elegant interface which let's you rediscover your media in a fast and intuitive way.

Apple has redesigned all of the controls so that your content is the main focus, gone is the side bar and Cover Flow and no more Ping!

Selecting an album or movie reveals a window (much like iOS folders) with more details including tracks with the same colours as the album artwork.

Instead of the sidebar there is a drop down box letting you select which media you would like to browse. Playlists now pop in from the side as you select tracks from your library. Your devices also don't take over iTunes instead waiting quietly in the top corner until you want to access them.

Apple has even added a "Home Movies" tab in movies to help your declutter your library.

The "Up Next" feature let's you choose songs to play after the current song is finished.

There really is a lot to love about iTunes 11, so my advice is download it and discover all of it's new features for yourself!