Steve Barrett

Keep your Mac clean with CleanGenius

Steve Barrett

Clean Genius As fast and wonderful as our precious Macs are, there comes a time where at some point we all start to see that spinning rainbow ball just a little too often. Most of this is caused by your Mac getting bogged down with temp files, old Apps and not enough drive space. Luckily there are a few options to help you do a spring clean and today I want to look at CleanGenius 3.0 from EaseUS.

After you install CleanGenius you are offered with 6 choices from the main menu and a disk storage monitor from your menu bar which shows you all your hard drives internal and external as well as network drives and your memory.

Going through the options on the main window was a breeze and this how they performed:

  1. "Fast Clean" took no time and showed me all my temporary files that had accumulated on my Mac, with one easy click they were all gone.
  2. "Duplicate Finder" actually found me another 5 gig of space on my drive after finding duplicates of some home movies I had copied over a couple of times. It also breaks down your files into categories such as Music and Movies which I thought worked well.
  3. "Disk Usage" is a fantastic feature when room on your Mac is starting to get a little tight. It maps out your Mac's hard drive and shows you exactly what is taking up the room with the biggest files in red.
  4. "App Uninstaller" is a great way to not only delete Apps you no longer want, but also all of those annoying related files that can get left behind if you simple drag Apps to the bin.
  5. "Free Memory" will be a God send to people with slightly older machines, it shows you your Mac memory on a pie graph with a button that will free memory for you. This worked really well in my testing.
  6. "Login Items" was a cute addition also letting you very quickly have total control of what Apps automatically login when you start your Mac.
All in all, I found using CleanGenius extremely easy and intuitive, and after using similar Apps such as "CleanApp" and "App Zapper" I feel that this has come out on top.


CleanGenius is available from EaseUS as a free download to trial for 15 days that is fully functional. If you decide it's right for you it is priced at a very reasonable $29.95 US.


Our Rating: 8/10