LandingZone - The Docking Station for the Macbook Air on it's Way Next Year

Landing Zone Docking Station for Apple Macbook Air My wife loves her MacBook Air and as they become more and more powerful I'm seriously considering trading in my MacBook Pro for one.

One of my major issues though is that I use my MacBook Pro at the office and at home and like to plug it in to an external monitor and drives at each location. For the MacBook Pro there is a very elegant docking solution from the guys at Henge Docks. This works beautifully as all the connections sit on the left hand side of MacBook Pro - This isn't the case though for the MacBook Air.

Enter LandingZone a dock designed for the MacBook Air that has just got funding at Kickstarter. Kitae Kwon is the designer behind it and it looks like a beautiful and elegant way to dock your MacBook Air.

The dock features everything you'd expect - 4 USB ports, ethernet, mini display port and a way to hold your power cord.

Check out the video below:

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