Love Actually Sequel has arrived

Red Nose Day Actually

The Love Actually sequel aired in the UK today to raise money for Comic Relief.

The Sequel titled "Red Dose Day Actually" is a 10 minute movie made to raise money for Comic Relief

The feedback has been generally good, I mean how could it not be, most of the world (including myself) fell in love with the original and most of the cast have returned for this project.



The Red Nose Day campaign to end child poverty returns in the U.S. on Thursday, May 25, in conjunction with the third annual "Red Nose Day Special" on NBC.
Americans across the country will come together, wear their red noses and raise money and awareness to help children living in poverty.
With the support of millions of generous Americans, major partners and hundreds of celebrities, Red Nose Day has raised over $60 million in its first two years since launching in the U.S. in 2015, including more than $36 million in 2016."


The full move will air in the US on May 25 - so fingers crossed it will be online after that. Till then here is the trailer: