No movies for iCloud in Australia.....Yet?

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One of the great announcements from Apples' March 7 event in San Francisco was that movies were finally coming to iCloud. This meant that any movie you had purchased through iTunes would be available for you to re-download (or stream from your Apple TV) on any of your Apple devices.

Finally we had within our grasp the future where we no longer needed terrabytes of drives to store all our media Apple would now do it for us !

Alas, Apple hasn't reached content deals in Australia yet and there is no word on how far this is away. If you own an Apple TV, this service is going to change the way you use it.

At the moment you can easily see and replay any TV Show you may have previously purchased, Apple TV will simply start streaming it from the cloud. When it comes to Movies though, in Australia you only have the option to rent, which you can watch as many times as you wish within 24 hours.

When movies do finally come to iCloud in Australia, you'll be able to purchase as well as rent movies directly from your Apple TV and then have the luxury of being able to stream any movie you've ever bought directly to the device.

Being the movie buff that I am, I can't wait until the service makes it's way to Australia.