Obama, Clinton, Dreyfuss pay tribute to Steve jobs at Webby Awards among others

http://youtu.be/gonf3W_8VIU Richard Dreyfuss the original voice of the "Think Different" campaign has lead a star packed tribute to Steve Jobs including, US Presidents Barack Obama & Bill Clinton, former Vice President Al Gore, Bono, Buzz Aldrin, and Jimmy Falon.

He started is speech with dig at Google and Facebook:

Before we talk about Steve, I just want to say: Mark Zuckerberg, Eric Brin [sic] have you thought of the words 'quid pro quo'? If you're going to take our privacy away from us, why don't you tell us something private about yourselves? And if you're going to change our world, why don't you pay for it, because it's theft," Dreyfuss said.

Check out the "Think Different" Ads below voiced by Dreyfuss and then by Steve Jobs himself.