Our top 10 new features in iOS 6

iOS 6 Icon iOS 6 is being released tomorrow along with the new iPhone 5 so we thought we would list our top 10 features that will blow you away!

  1. Siri - Now available on the new iPad and 5th Gen iPod touch, Siri also now includes international search, so just saying "I feel like a coffee", will now show you coffee shops around you with contact details and Yelp rating!
  2. Maps - Apple is replacing Google Maps with their own variety and are including an awesome new feature called Flyover, a 3D rendering of selected cities that looks awesome.
  3. Mail - Apple changes to mail include, pull to refresh, a new VIP inbox in which you can mark your most import contacts and finally dedicated signatures for different accounts
  4. Safari - iCloud tabs will now sync all your open Safari tabs amongst all your devices, the iPhone version now includes a full screen button and the Reading List feature now saves everything for offline viewing
  5. Facetime - Is finally available over 3G, you can now make video calls to all your friends and family from anywhere!
  6. Do Not Disturb - Apple have included a great do not disturb feature that will stop your phone ringing, buzzing and beeping during a time you set like night time but let's you select numbers that will always get through or will ring if someone is trying to get hold of you repeatedly
  7. Facebook - is now integrated into the OS like twitter, it will update your contact photos and you can even like Apps in the App Store
  8. App Store and iTunes - Have been redesigned to make finding content a lot easier and new Apps that you download now have a "New" ribbon on them to make them easier to find.
  9. Passbook - This is another game changer from Apple, Passbook will let you check into flights, get store discounts, redeem movie tickets all in one place on your iPhone, they are also location aware so will pop up automatically when you need them
  10. Camera - Apple has now included an awesome Panorama feature that let's you take beautiful 360 degree panoramas

There are plenty of other features to discover (over 200) so hit your settings app, choose General and the Software Update.

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