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Path - The social network for your close friends

Steve Barrett

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Privacy is the most important issue facing as today. Facebook has lost our trust many times ( it's hard to use privacy settings and roll out of timeline to mention a couple).

If your sick of not being in control of your personal information or are just looking for a more intimate Social Networking experience then you have to try Path.

Path has made headlines recently as the app was uploading your contacts to their servers so they could better match you to friends, but after an uproar from customers they were very quick to react. The team behind path deleted all customer information off their servers and have provided an opt in within the App - quite refreshing to see a company fix it's mistake so quickly.

Path is the social network for just your close friends and family. It originally launched letting you only have a maximum of 50 friends but have since expanded that number to 150.

With Path you can do everything you expect, upload photos & videos (with beautiful filters), check in to locations, share your thoughts and even share when you sleep and wakeup. The App also gives you the the option to share whatever updates you wish to your broader Social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Foresquare as well.

For me, it's a nice way of keeping my family and close friends in the loop of what's happening with my wife and daughter and me without "sharing" some of our most intimate moments with the hundreds of people on Facebook.

You can grab it here.