Pebble: The E-Paper watch for your iPhone

  Kickstarter the group funding site keeps bringing as new shiny things to play with and one of the latest to get funding is the Pebble: an E-Paper watch for you iPhone or a Android.

This project broke all Kickstarter records raising over $1 million in just over 28 hours and totalling $4.7 million with a target of just $100,000, because of this as you can imagine there is quite a buzz around the product.

As well as being able to check your messages, email and see who's calling you, you can also check your contacts, control your iPhone's media all over a Bluetooth connection. The thing that really has people buzzing though is that they are making the SDK public so we can expect some pretty amazing Apps for the Pebble in the not so distant future.

Check out the video below to see all it's features!

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