RunKeeper updated for the iPhone 5s M7 processor

RunKeeper updated for the iPhone 5s M7 processor


runkeeper The team behind the very popular fitness tracking app RunKeeper have just released an updated to take full advantage of the M7 processor introduced in Apple's new iPhone 5s. From their blog:

"For those of you who have the new iPhone 5S, we harnessed the magic of the M7 motion co-processor to make tracking workouts with RunKeeper more seamless and insightful than ever. If you’ve ever been walking around a lot and wished you had tracked it with RunKeeper, regret no more! Our new Pocket Track feature tracks walks of at least 15 minutes automatically and gives you the option to add those to your activity list. Just be sure to opt in to background activity tracking when you install this update, and also open up RunKeeper at the end of each day so you can find those walks that were tracked."

If you haven't downloaded the App you can grab it here.



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