Steve Barrett

Siri comes to your wristwatch with Martian Voice Command Watches

Steve Barrett

Martian Voice Command Watches  

Many have been trying to but I think Martian Watches might have cracked it - a simple way to have your watch interact with your phone.

CNET announced them as one of their 2013 CES Finalists and according to their website they will start shipping in February or March of this year.

The features of the watch include:

• "Talk and listen" works with any phone equipped with Bluetooth® wireless technology • 2+ hours of continuous talk time, 7 days of standby time • Clear noise-cancellation microphone and directional personal speaker • Stylish "always-on" analog watch with Japanese movement • Three styles: Passport, Victory and G2G

I've already put my order in (sorry wife!) - check out their promotional video below: