Siri coming to iPad and all the goss on what to expect at next week's WWDC

A lot of sites are predicting what might be revealed in next weeks WWDC, so we thought we'd throw our 2 cents in as well.

  • Siri for iPad: 9to5Mac is reporting that Siri will finally come to the iPad with iOS 6.
  • iOS6: Speaking of iOS 6, we're expecting Apple to announce changes to it's iPhone and iPad operating system including the dumping of Google maps in favour of their own solution and finally......Facebook integration.
  • OS X Mountain Lion: Already available as a developer preview, Apple is expected to formerly introduce Mountain Lion, with features such as Reminders, Notes and Notification Centre.
  • iCloud: Apple should introduce a refreshed iCloud including better integration in OSX and the inclusion of a Notes and Reminders Web App.
  • Redesigned MacBooks, the most likely being a thinner 15"MacBook Pro with Retina Display.

We'll be up early as always to to give you the facts as soon as they re available!