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Stick n Find - Never lose your stuff again

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Stick n Find - Never lose your stuff again
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We've all had those mornings, you're running late, you've packed the kids in the car, go to grab your keys and they're not where they should be, ensuring you lose another 20 mins turning the house upside down only to realise they were in your pocket all along!

Well worry no more as our friends at MobileZap have sent over Stick N Find for us to review this week and I can tell you it's already saved me a couple of times!

SticknFind BoxIn a nutshell Stick n Find will let you keep tabs on stuff your likely to lose. In the box there are 2 stickers (and 2 key fobs) that you can attach to anything. You then download the Stick n Find app from the App Store. Setup was dead simple, simply tap the sticker on a hard surface to activate the Bluetooth from it's "Deep Sleep", place it on your iPhone and the app finds it instantly and pairs with it. From there you can give each one of your stickers a unique name such as "Car Keys' or "Wallet".

The App itself as 3 basic functions:

  • Radar - The radar screen will display of all your stickers in range. You can then hunt for your missing item by walking around - the stronger the signal the closer you are. You can also page the sticker to make it beep and flash.
  • Virtual Leash - This feature will alert you when one of your stickers moves out of range (about 50 meters) - perfect if you want to keep tabs on a pet or if you leave your wallet at the pub!
  • Find It - these alerts are for stickers that are not in range, once set your phone will alert you once they come into range

This week I attached the stickers to my and my wife's car keys. I started by having my daughter hide my keys all over the house and then I went hunting. Using the radar function I made my way around the house till the signal was at it's strongest and usually found them within a few minutes. It was fun but once the novelty wore off I found myself just hitting the page button and I could find them a lot quicker. The real test came though when a couple of times my wife genuinely lost her keys (She's had a pretty full on week), we simply fired up the app - it located the sticker and we paged it, both times we had the keys with in a few minutes!

If you're a forgetful person Stick n Find will save you some time and give you piece of mind. You can order a pack of 2 stickers online from MobileZap for under $60