The top 5 new shows coming to iTunes this month!

The third week in September is when all the big US TV networks launch all their new shows with the hope they have the next big hit! I've scoured the list of what's coming and have chosen what I think are the Top 5!

1. The Muppets - How can you not be excited about The Muppets returning to weekly television!

2. Supergirl - CW has had hits with DC Comic's Arrow and The Flash and now CBS is hoping they can mimic that success with Supergirl.

3. Heroes Reborn - I loved the first season of Hereos and then lost interest, I hope this reboot recaptures the spark!

4. Limitless - I loved the movie, I mean really loved it! The trailer for the TV spin off features Bradley Cooper - so I'm already impressed!

5. The Grinder - My last pick is Grinder starring Rob Lowe and that kid from The Wonder Years. I loved Rob since The West Wing and he looks hilarious in this.