The top 10 new features in Apple's OS X Mountain Lion

Whats new in OS X Mountain Lion Apple has released OS X Mountain Lion, with over 200 new features we thought we give you the Top 10.

  1. iCloud - WIll keep all your contacts, calendars, email and now your documents in sync across all your devices.
  2. Reminders and Notes - They are now separate Apps that sync via iCloud with their iOS counterparts.
  3. Messages - Replaces iChat and now lets you chat to friends via iMessage from your Mac.
  4. Notification Centre - Has come to the Mac to keep all your alerts in 1 place.
  5. Dictation - You can now dictate to your Mac in any App.
  6. Sharing Sheets - Now it's easier than ever to update Twitter and Facebook without having to open a browser.
  7. Airplay - You can now mirror your Mac's screen over Airplay with your Apple TV.
  8. Game Centre - Apple's famous Game Centre from it's iOS platform now let's you play games against your friends on the Mac.
  9. Safari - Now has a unified address and search bar and has introduced Tab View.
  10. Powernap - Your Mac can now download updates , refresh photo stream and other iCloud services while it's in sleep mode.

Here's Apple's walk through for you: