The Top 10 reasons iPhone is better than Android (or Samsung)

The Top 10 reasons iPhone is better than Android (or Samsung)
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So it's been a big week in news so far with Apple announcing the WWDC June 2 and David Letterman announcing that he's retiring next year. In honour of The Late Show we'd like to present our own Top Ten list.

Behold the Top Ten reasons iPhone is better than Android (Insert Drumroll.......)

  1. iPhone is the original - Don't forget that Apple invented the current Smart Phone category. Phones with big screens and no keyboards are an Apple invention. Every smartphone currently for sale looks the way it does because Apple launched the iPhone in 2007 and caught everyone off guard.
  2. The Software - 90% of iPhone users are using Apple's most current version iOS 7 in contrast only 10% of Android users are running the most current version of it's operating system "Kit Kat" (and what's with the stupid names - Honeycomb, Ice-Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean??). On top of this Android appears and operates vastly different from one handset maker to the next.
  3. You get what you pay for - When you buy a 16GB iPhone you get 16GB of space for your apps, music and movies. Samsung's Galaxy S4 is so full of bloatware that on it's 16GB phone half of that is taken up by the operating system, so you're actually only getting 8GB for storage.
  4. The App Store - Apple has far better apps that are designed for iOS 7 and the iPhone. Microsoft Office for example is available for the iPad but not Android tablets (yet). Apps made for the iPad take advantage of the larger screen they are not just simply phone apps that have been blown up like on Android devices. This happens in part because of the vast array of different screen sizes available on Android devices. Developers consistantly make a lot more money from Apple's App Store which is why Apps are often developed for iOS well before other platforms.
  5. Malware - Cisco reports that 99% of mobile malware targets Android devices - 99%. What's worse is that 77% of those threats would be eliminated by people running the latest version of Android but less than 10% are.
  6. Accessories - There's just no competition here. iPhone has vastly more accessories made for it by third partys than any other phone in the world.
  7. Usability - There's a reason my Mum has learnt to text, Facebook and FaceTime - the iPhone's usability. There is no learning curve with iPhone, it was designed to be simple and easy to use. You can't say that about all Android devices. If you don't believe me head into your nearest phone store, pick up 3 different brands and see how intuitive they are.
  8. iCloud - All my stuff on all my stuff with no effort. iCloud is a game changer. Music or movies I buy on my iPhone are available for streaming on my iPad or Apple TV's with no work from me. Photo's I take of my kids magically appear on my iPad and in iPhoto without plugging anything in!
  9. iMessage - You don't realise just how good iMessage is until you don't have it (and all your friends do!)
  10. The Phone itself - Just look at it.  It's beautiful!

Now this list is sure to ignite some debate and admit I'm proudly an Apple Fanboy so feel free to leave your comments below !