TV Shows menu has disappeared from Apple TV and iCloud purchases (UPDATE)

Apple TV - (UPDATE) OK, so it now seems everything is back to normal. We'll let you know more details as they come in.


I just sat down to catch up on a TV show that I've bought through my Apple TV to discover the "TV Shows" menu is now gone! It has also disappeared from my iPhone and iPad iTunes store "Purchases" tab as well as on the iTunes store on my Mac.

Reports are coming in from other people in Australia as well as some people from the UK.

Funnily enough Apple's Apple TV page on their store, still mentions that you can access TV Shows and this is still showing on their support page.

"Downloading of past purchases is currently available for TV Shows in Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, and United States only. iOS 5 or later is required for iPhone 4 (CDMA Model) "

Let's just hope that this is a glitch and not here to stay. Let us know if you're having the same problems.

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