VOTE!!! Your chance to change the US Presidential Election?

VOTE!!! President Obama vs Mitt Romney from the makers of Infinity Blade There is a new game in the App store from the makers of Infinity Blade that pits President Obama against Mitt Romney in the kind of debate that would be ratings gold.

The game is called VOTE!!! and is available now in the App Store.

As well as just being great fun pitting good against evil (draw your own conclusions), the games is also designed to bring out the youth vote in the US.

Bloomberg reports:

"Chair Entertainment, maker of the popular “Infinity Blade” sword-fighting game, goes a step beyond political satire by working with Washington-based Rock the Vote for the first in- game attempt to register thousands of young people to cast a ballot this November.

“Gamers are a pretty hard audience to reach, and the game is a really fun way to keep people engaged in the political process these next critical two months,” Mustard said in an interview."

Touch Arcade has posted a nice video of the gameplay below for you.


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