We've got more goss on Apple's rumoured iTV

Canada's The Globe and Mail is reporting that their two biggest telco companies are currently in talks with Apple to become launch partners for the iTV (Apple's long rumoured entry into the consumer television market).

One source has even suggested that Rogers and Bell may already have the top secret product in their lab:

"The product reportedly integrates Siri, Apple's voice-recognition software that acts as a personal assistant on the latest iPhone, into television sets to help viewers make programming choices.

Viewers can then control the TV by voice or hand gestures, all from the comfort of a couch. An on-screen keyboard, meanwhile, can also be activated in a similar manner, allowing viewers to surf the web, conduct video chats and use social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook - all without any physical interface."

There is so much speculation about the iTV that we are looking at all these reports with a pinch of Salt, but I for one, certainly would love to see an Apple iTV arrive very soon.

(Photo: vator.tv)

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