What's the best receipt app? Here's our review of Xpenditure

What's the best receipt app? Here's our review of Xpenditure

I'll be the first to admit I'm not a details person. I don't always keep every receipt that I'm handed at a store or emailed, and that can hurt me at tax time. I've wanted to change that for a while so I tried a few different receipt tracking apps over the last couple of months and Xpenditure has quickly come out on top. Xpenditure had the cleanest design of the lot and I found myself coming back to it time and time again.

The learning curve in Xpenditure is next to nothing and while it's capable of a lot more than I'm using it for, my priorities were an app that could easily capture receipts with a phone camera and an app that I could email receipts to. Both functions would need to be able to extract the appropriate information through Optical Character Recognition (OCR). Xpenditure does both very well.

Xpenditure is available for iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry and online through a browser. It not only just scans and digitises your receipts but also let's you manage your expenses and export in a variety of reports. It also connects with a heap of third parties services including two of the heavyweight accounting packages - Xero and Quickbooks.

I downloaded the app for my iPhone and set it up to open with the camera so that I can snap a photo of a receipt with a minimum of fuss. From there it uploads your photos to Xpenditure's servers for them to extract the relevant data (which is really accurate).

I can login to Xpentiure through my browser and I'm then presented with my dashboard which gives me a glance at everything I've spent by category for the month and any receipts that may need more details from me.

Subscriptions start from US$5 per month (which obviously is tax deductible) and go up from there depending on your requirements. Small businesses for example can use it for small groups and role management and even control approvals of receipts entered.

I love it and if you want to try it they offer a 14 day free trial (which was plenty for me to realise it will change my work life!).

You can download the Xpenditure App here or head to Xpenditure.com for more info.

Check out the video below to see if it's right for you!

Xpenditure's features can help business owners, employees and accountants keep up with expenses, reimbursement, and taxes. Receipt information uploaded through Xpenditure is securely stored online for seven years to satisfy U.S. Internal Revenue requirements. Different members of your company can gain permissions for any or a combination of these four administrative roles within Xpenditure: administrator, CFO, director, or personal permissions.