Yahoo! Weather: The most beautiful weather App ever

Yahoo! Weather: The most beautiful weather App ever
Yahoo Weather 1

Yahoo Weather 1

I've never understood the amount of weather Apps in the App store or people's fascination with them. I mean they all do the same thing right? Give you today's forecast and a glimpse into the future?Well, I thought Apple's weather App did a pretty god job of that  - until now.

Yahoo! has launched it's own weather App over the weekend and it is just stunning.

This is the kind of elegant, simple and flat design that I'd love to see in iOS 7.

The app pulls photos from Flickr for the city you've selected that reflects the forecast and current time.

Above is a photo of Cottesloe Beach, Perth as you swipe up the photo blurs to show you you more detail.

The first page gives you a 5 day forecast followed by a detailed forecast for the current day, go down further and you get a current weather map, precipitation, wind and pressure and finally the Sun and Moon.

All the sections after the detailed forecast can be arranged to your preference by tapping and holding on their title.

I've found my self just getting lost in some of the stunning photos for cities like New York, Hong Kong and London.

The App is available for iPhone only at the moment from the App Store.

Yahoo Weather App Icon


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