Steve Barrett

Your children can now take their iPad to the toilet with the iPotty

Steve Barrett

iPotty for iPad Now, I've been off for a few weeks with Xmas, New Years and the birth of my son Mason, so maybe I've missed some of the bigger Apple news or maybe I'm just super attuned to all things children at the moment.

With the prospect off all the nappy changing and toilet training that's to come, this particular product just announced at CES 2013 has really caught my attention - may I present to you the iPotty for iPad from CTA Digital. Yep, it's toilet training device that incorporates an iPad.

The idea behind the concept is that you can keep your child entertained on the seat for as long as it takes them to get the job done, (sure beats taking a magazine!)

Don't panic, I can't see my self getting one of these for Mason, he's going to be overloaded with enough of my geek in the years to come!